Nice To Meet You...


I studied vocal and theatre dance at Stetson University and obtained a B.A.S. degree  in 2008 at Daytona state focusing in marketing.  I then got into cake design for family & friends who were having events such as weddings and birthdays. After moving around a few times over the past few years, My sister Amber and I started our studies into many photography projects. I am now living in Raleigh, North Carolina and looking forward to meeting wonderful new clients up and down the east coast from the Carolinas, Virginia ,MD and DC area. I have traveled (lived) London England, Hawaii, Paris France, Las Vegas, CA, NYC, NC, AL, DC and FL for family and friends. What I have seen while traveling are beautiful sights and places I want to remember and show my future kids one day. Photography will let me do just that and create a lot of fun memories with my sis and also give back and do for others.
God Bless            


                                               Love and Grace,

                                                     Amy R.